Emil Schumacher’s paintings illustrate oft-seen, never-thought-of reality. Schumacher turned what he saw into descriptive and easily comprehended signs whose poetic freedom always allows the onlooker an open gaze on the paintings, as well as the freedom of individual perception. Those paintings and gouaches on display exhibit some of the things that became visual adventures to Schumacher: trees and dry undergrowth, gnarly and without leaves; broken loamy soil with new green shoots; shadows of dead roots or a cacti with unruly lumps.

The exhibition allows to re-live the artist’s visual experiences in nature, and enables the visitor to discover their transformation into Schumacher’s artistic language through the tree, which is a recurring motif in his later works.

Stadtmuseum Warendorf
Emil Schumacher
Creature Horse
September 11, 2011 -
January 08, 2011