Participates in the Willem Sandberg exhibition Deutsche Kunst nach 45 (German Art after 1945) at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam: for the first time after World War II, Contemporary German Art is shown abroad.


Participates in the exhibition Peintres et sculpteurs non-figuratifs en Allemagne d’aujourd’hui in Paris. This is the first time, 10 years after the war’s end, that René Drouin shows contemporary German art at the Cercle Volney in France.

Art award from the city of Iserlohn, Germany.


While searching for new media and materials, Schumacher creates his first ’Tastobjekte’ (tactile objects).

Conrad-von-Soest Preis (Conrad-von-Soest Award), Münster, Germany.


Travels to Spain, Italy and Tunisia.

Participates in the XXIX. Venice Biennial, Italy.

Karl-Ernst-Osthaus Preis (Karl-Ernst-Osthaus Award), Hagen, Germany.

Guggenheim Award (National Section), New York .