Surprise, even nearly shock were the reaction of audience/viewers and art critics to the appearance of new figurative elements in Emil Schumacher’s paintings after decades of abstraction. The feeling of irritation couldn’t have been greater, and is still noticeable today. But the realistic depiction of the tree, as well as a number of other figures, is one of the constants in the gesticular-abstract painter’s work, which reached new importance after phases of completely abstract work. Via the motif of the tree, which reappeared in the late work, one can follow the transformation of the artist’s experience of nature into his visual language. About 70 paintings, gouaches and graphics from the early and late work – which were brought together not least thanks to the cooperation of several private consignors – impressively reflect Schumacher’s visual experiences in nature.

The exhibition catalog, in a collector’s item presentation, is published by Verlag Kettler, Dortmund, and for the first time documents this both delightful and for the painter himself important theme on 96 pages with ca. 90 images, a preface by Ulrich Schumacher and an introduction by Rouven Lotz. Cloth binding with elaborate embossment, € 19,90 ( € 24,90 in book stores).

Emil Schumacher
FEBRUARY 28, 2016
 TILL JUNE 26, 2016