The exhibition juxtaposes paintings by Hagen-born artist Emil Schumacher with receptacles by ceramicist Young-Jae Lee, who hails from Seoul.

Young-Jae Lee has been heading the Keramische Werkstatt Margarethenhöhe since 1986. The workshop was founded by Margarethe Krupp in Essen in 1924. The first director of the Keramische Werkstatt Margarethenhöhe, sculptor Will Lammert who belonged to the artistic environment of Karl Ernst Osthaus, had moved from Hagen to Essen, following the renowned collection of the Folkwang. Young-Jae Lee's self-contained work connects via this historical bridge with the traditions of the Folkwang. The artist faces this consciously but without sentimentality.

The installation of Lee's ceramics at the Emil-Schumacher-Museum equals a sculptural intervention in the exhibition hall and - with the aesthetic force of an environment - transforms the exhibition space which was designed especially for Schumacher's paintings into a poetic landscape of ceramic bowls and paintings.

Young Jae Lee
- Emil Schumacher
May  26 -
 September  15, 2013